PBGPL Tenders  

 Purba Bharati Gas Pvt Ltd 


On behalf of PBGPL, M/s MECON Ltd. invites bids from bidders. Tender documents have been uploaded on MECON’s tender website (www.meconlimited.co.in) and e-procurement portal (e-Portal) (www.tenderwizard.com/MECON). In the MECON website, the Active Tenders are listed under: TENDERS > ACTIVE TENDERS > CLIENT . The direct Active Tender link for Client is as follows: http://www.meconlimited.co.in/View_tender1.aspx?Category=CLIENTNew user has to sign up for the first time to see the details of tender & corrigendum issued thereof. Please check the MECON’s tender page for any update/amendment etc. For participation in the e-Tender the link is: http://www.tenderwizard.com/MECON

Tender Categories